How to save battery on Android? 

The android operating system offers you many exciting features. unfortunately, many of them can take a toll on device’s battery power and cause to drain quickly.but there are some tricks you can use to last your device longer.
1.Use black wallpaper:

Most of the Android devices have Amoled screen.Amoled screen only illuminate colored, use a dark colored’s because dark/black pixels are, the more dark pixels you have, the less power is needed to light them more thing, try to avoid live wall paper.

2.A shorter home screen time:
A shorter home screen time saves battery life.studies report  the average smartphone users turn their smartphones over 100 times, set a home screen time as short as practical for you. I recommend for 30 seconds.

3.Use lock screen notifications:
 If you use lock screen notifications you’ll be able to see the notifications at a glance without having to turn your whole screen’s very helpful to last your battery life longer.

4.You don’t need to connect 24/7:
GPS,wifi, bluetooth, mobile data- these features take a lot of power for being active. so,turn off these features when you aren’t going through them.

5.Don’t let your apps fall behind:
The updated version of an app always has better facilities.  the developers always try to make it more effective. so, keep your apps updated and delete the old ones which you don’t use frequently.
6.Clean the running apps:
tap on the home button, then the background running apps will appear.swipe right or left to clean them.

7.Explore battery saving mode:
 You’ll find battery saving mode in every android phone(say:extreme power saving mode in htc,ultra power saving mode in samsung, stamina mode in sony).going through these battery saving features will protect your battery from early draining.

8.Some useful apps:
If you use the following apps you can last your battery longer. some effective apps are- greenify,go battery saver, du battery saver,avast battery saver,battery doctor and many more.I personally recommend for du battery saver.

most of the smartphones have lithum ion battery or lithum polymer battery. both are lithum ion though,and as such,they don’t have a memory which means you don’t have to fully charge or discharge them.rather, partial charging is effective  to increase their life time.

infact,these types of batteries suffer from low voltage problems, so it’s actually better to partially charge them (say,from 20% to 90%).

*How to charge your phone faster?

1.activate battery saving mode before charging.

2.turn off wifi and mobile data

3.try to avoid using smartphones while charging.

  1. you can also turn  airplane mode on! studies state that smartphone need less time for charging while it is in airplane’s because phone stop receiving any kind of radio active data in airplane mood.

following this tricks and techniques will surely last your battery for a long time.

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