Upcoming Xbox One S , PlayStation flagship killer? Or no?

Gadgets and devices are getting smaller and sleeker day by day. Is Microsoft follwoing that part too? The announcement of the smallest console device from Microsoft is already causing a lot of stir in the tech world. Let’s find out what’s all these buzz are about!

Microsoft announced tp launch their new Xbox One S console on 2nd August,2016 which comes with 500GB, 1TB and 2TB of storage and also a new controller.


One S announcement at E3



The new Xbox is more compact and convenient than ever.The Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the original Xbox one which is a huge reduction.The Xbox one was comparatively way larger than the PS4 which was a great hesitation for the buyers when it came to choosing a console.But the One S is a great change-up being smaller.

What the Xbox One offers that a Standard Xbox One does not:

  • The Kinect port is no longer available in the Xbox One S, but compatibility is still available through an external adapter for existing users
  • The external power brick, which is now housed inside the console


Sleeker. Slimmer. Sharper

Here’s the official video of Xbox One S :


The impressive part is that the power supply unit is now built-in, unlike the previous Xbox consoles.The extra power brick was serious pain hanging beside the Xbox One which was also a failure against the PS4.



The Xbox One S takes the ultimate challenge against PC gaming and adds 4K resolution on the One S.Now the the Xbox will support gaming in 4K, UHD and HDR.The One S also has a 4K Blue-ray  built in and supports playback from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.



Xbox One S also comes with a new controller.You can a also customize it in different colors before your order.



All these awesome features will come out on 2nd August,2016 on its release.Microsoft did a really good job on the new console.You can pre-order it online of the official website of Xbox.The choice is yours,enjoy. And from the reaction of public , we can say that PlayStation better brace themselves. This “pocket-rocket” styled console can really beat the hell out of them .


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