PC Master Race vs Consoles

When it comes to gaming, we know there are two platform to consider, either PC or Consoles. Now we all know that this is an odd comparison. You don’t really compare a master race with some peasants. But we’re doing it anyway.

Winter is coming for the Console players



The PC is great because you can modify on your own will.You can do a lot of stuff that with your PC than your Console

The advantages of PC are :

*Better Graphics.That’s what you get when you add a graphics card to your CPU.

Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU

*Better Speed with more RAM.

*Cheap & Free games on Steam. Steam sales come every year with a lot cheaper priced games.

Hail Gaben


*More Pirated games (for us typical Bengalis).

*Mods for all popular games.

WarMachine mod for GTA V ,only in PC

*Backward Compatibility with Windows Direct X

*Multi monitors

*Free Multi-Player

*The best community of PC Master Race

maxresdefault (1).jpg
Definitely not roasting the console enthusiast

*PC is also enabled to do other works than gaming.Such as programming , video editing , file storing e.t.c.

Disadvantages :

*Can’t play console exclusives. Like The Last of Us, Uncharted series…

*Needs a lot of space

*A bit over-priced

*Installing a game can sometimes be tricky



Now consoles are only meant for gaming with some extra features.Some of the latest consoles are the Play Station 4 pro , Xbox One S , Wii U , N3DS e.t.c.

The advantages of Consoles are :

*Firstly, of course the main plus point of consoles is EXCLUSIVES. The one thing that still keeping the consoles from going extinct. (if you don’t know what exclusives are, they are games only made for particular console and doesn’t have PC version)

Some of the console Exclusives

*You can use it in the couch. Doesn’t require much space.

*Once bought console lasts a lot of years before the announce of next generation.

*The new generation added 4k.

Dicadvantages :

*Graphics isn’t better than PC.

*Less backward compatibility.

*Requires a TV monitor.

Now , if you are a hardcore gamer and want better graphics, you may go after the PC. But if you want play in your sofa with friends and want to play the exclusives than a suitable console is your best choice.









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