How to get free coins in offline games!

Let’s face it. We all look enviously at the power-ups, characters etc etc which we can’t unlock in games. Sometimes it motivates us. And sometimes it drives us nuts! At the height frustration and desperation, we often quit. Hang on, my friends. We’ll tell you a way to get around those goodies without even spending your precious money.

These methods are totally safe for games which can be played offline. Use them during online games at your own risk.

  • Luckey Patcher

Lucky patcher is a well known app for hacking coins for games. First of all open the pather. If you can patches the game, you will have “InApp purchases found “. If you have it go for purchasing. Click on the logo. You will have this options. Then click on “Open menu of patches “.

Then you will have an option  “create modified APK file“. Click on it. You will have this page.

Click on the 3rd option. You will have a option “rebuild the app“. Click on it & wait for a while.After complete it you will have a option in below corner “rebuild & install“.now follow the pattern ;

Rebuild & install> LuckeyPatcher> Modified> (folder of your game)

Now you have the clone APK file. Install it replacing on the main game.
Now open the games>go for coin >click on a coin box>

If you have this page you are done. Just click  yes & you will get coins.

  • Game Killer

It is one of the coolest app for hacking coins.Install the app & tap on it. You will have the page like this.

Go to any games. Play for a while & earn some coins.Now click on the  game killer icon.

Here write how many coin you have.You will have some folder then. Click any of them.You will get it

Now in the last box write how many coin you want.Top on ok  & you will have it.


Now two things to remember:

  1. These are illegal apps. So you won’t find them in play store.You have to download these from other sources. Hint : Google Search
  2. Don’t try it in online games. If the authority gets acknowledged with your activity, you may get a temporary or permanent ban.

Now friends ,hack coins & complete those games you want.

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